Rail Forum Europe (RFE) is the Members of the European Parliament association dedicated to rail transport. Created in 2011, the Association aims to facilitate the establishment or strengthening of professional and personal ties between its members in full compliance with European and National Law, as well as to foster the co-operation with various scientific, technical, economic, industrial and professional groups and organisations – whose activities affect the various issues that arise in the field of rail transport.


  • A platform for dialogue between EU policy-makers and the European rail sector...
  • to achieve a better understanding of rail-related issues and facilitate the work of interested parties…
  • and develop joint strategies and initiatives between MEPs and the rail sector.

  • In order to achieve its purposes, the association performs the following activities
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner debates gathering European policy-makers and experts from the rail sector
  • Technical visits to rail transport-related facilities 
  • Publication and communication of any information likely to be of interest for its members